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Crafty Sunday

Desk mom Friends, this is my mom desk! No, no bomb exploded and no, we the cats did not created this mess. It is my mom who is solely the creator of this chaos. No, alien invasion was needed, just my mom. Now, mom knows when she is crafty she is pure chaos. I have to admit that she promised us that she would clean up her mess. How? I don’t know. She found on the internet that if she cleaned up every day for 10 min her desk, it would shine and rise from under the clutter (I believe she called it de-clutter or something) Continue reading

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It’s here!

DSCN3540 Our Princess is here! She arrived today. She has been put in quarantaine because it still possible that she is a Zygon, a Dalek or other evil alien in disguise. In the afternoon she escaped and started to wandering around. Amy an I hissed at her because she was befriending our human pets. Mom wants me to share my blog, page and instagram with Fientje. I said: “NO”. I rescued her but I’m not going to share food, toys, mom and my granny with her. She will have to find her own stuff. End of discussion! Now you can tell me all that I’am an old grumpy cat but I’m saying this because I can. I’m The Time Cat after all! Continue reading

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Stop The Pressies!

Stop The Pressies! We have something important to say!
I will have a new sister this Friday, Please welcome Fientje. Fientje is not her real name. She is here under our protection. She is a princess from a galaxy far away. Kind of witness protection program for cats. Her true identity will stay hidden for her safety.
I think she is a beautiful lady but Amy and Clara are kind of jealous about her. You know the ladies stuff. Continue reading