Thankful Thursday

A thankful throwback Thursday

Billy his tongue escaped Today we are doing all kind of stuff: “Throwback”, “Thankful” and whatever we can think about.

First The Throwback. Here you see me sleeping while a pink snake tried to steal my tongue. Fortunate mom was in the area to prevent the stealing. ( As usually she first had to take a picture of  it, making me look silly again)

I can say that I’m thankful that my mom stopped the tongue stealing pink snake. After this accident I became friends with the pink snake and I let her play with my tongue once and a while.

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Friday Fun

Sometimes you have to give in…

Catnip pizza
Sometimes you have to give in. This week I did it a lot. Sharing my cat toys, sharing my treats and now I share my blog again with my other sister Fientje. It all started when Amy got her “Friendly Fill in” for her adoption anniversary. Now, Fientje is demanding the same. Sisters can sometime be so “annoying”. To keep the calm in the house, I gave in… This old boy cannot hear the quarrel anymore. So now I present you “Fientje her Friendly Fill-in”
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Give away

July Give Away and some TBT

Belgium Today it is Belgium National Holiday. It was in 1830 that Belgium became independent and that day the First Belgium King signed The Belgium Constitution. I can tell you it was boring, all those papers that were getting signed by everyone. No catniptini and I tried to get a in the constitution that all laws should be paw approved but somehow someone caught that extra “sentence” in the constitution and removed it.

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Schermafbeelding 2015-09-20 om 13.49.11

Crafty Sunday

Desk mom Friends, this is my mom desk! No, no bomb exploded and no, we the cats did not created this mess. It is my mom who is solely the creator of this chaos. No, alien invasion was needed, just my mom. Now, mom knows when she is crafty she is pure chaos. I have to admit that she promised us that she would clean up her mess. How? I don’t know. She found on the internet that if she cleaned up every day for 10 min her desk, it would shine and rise from under the clutter (I believe she called it de-clutter or something) Continue reading

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-20 om 13.49.11

Crafty Weekend and give-away

Crafty Amy Mom was in a very crafty mood. She went to a craft convention in an other town. She bought paint, stamps, a light for the desk and a lot of cool, shiny papers to work with. That means a weekend of crafting would be ahead! Now when moms craft Amy always sit on the front row. Picking things with her tiny paws. Bite in things. Me on the other hand avoid the craft table, I don’t want any paint on my beautiful fur. Continue reading


Attention mom!

11873428_10153797241843676_87455911254012111_n Friends, can you believe it that I was catnapped by a “Weeping Angel”? Neither did I or did my mom. I was sleeping in my basket and suddenly there was a “Weeping Angel in front of me. Yes, I blinked. I should not have done that but I did. I didn’t had any super eye glue left that Boo Boo Moriarty made for me so I ended up blinking. The Weeping Angel brought me to a horrible place that I managed to escape (The whole story is for tomorrow) I wanted to tell my adventure to my mom and she didn’t believe me…. She said I was always there in my basket. Yes, right if you focus too much on our Etsy store and spend no time watching me then you could miss this catnapping in a blink of an eye. I hope my friends when I tell you about this journey you will believe me. If not I have to send “Bob” to you! Talk to you later my friends, staying in sight of my mom, so she won’t miss if they catnap me again.

Billy The Time Cat,
Please don’t forget to visit our shop! We even have a Weeping Angel for sale! Just don’t blink, I don’t want you to end where I ended…


21/06/15: Etsy finds and Friends


13280_10153510778183676_6996210554960219935_n “Bow Ties Are cool”.

I love Bow Ties, they are really cool! It started with one, then 2 and now I have more then 10 Bow Ties. Now, I have cheap ones but mom wanted to have me some luxury ones.

Stylish good looking Bow Ties, she find that I’m better looking with them. So we started to search on Etsy after bow ties.

Many shops have bow ties, some for humans, some for dogs. Big small colorful and weird. Continue reading


Etsy Finds & Friends

11393006_10153579901653676_5276571949276402091_nThis week I already talked about Friendship. Friendship you can find in strange places. In my life I befriended all kind of strange creatures from a talking plant to a living stone.

Same for my mom, she has friends all around the world, although  I think she didn’t have a talking plant or living stone in her circle of friends. Some she never met but they are her friends.

When we started our little shop on Etsy it would be obvious that friendship would grow there.  This one started on the Etsy forums. A topic about a cat named “Sugar” who became a diabetic cat like me. Continue reading

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-29 om 22.22.37


DSCN2535E, is our next letter. We know we are slacking a bit (mom is slacking) but mom is working hard on her letter “E”. The “E” we are talking about is moms Etsy Shop. You know all those cool stuff mom makes with Hama Beads? You can buy them there. With that mom pays the cost for my medical care and we set money aside for my future book.
New in our (I called it our because its my inspiration and her work) are the blankets for your favorite pet. The crochet part is for mom, my paws are a bit to tiny and clumsy for that. Amy is helping mom with the thread, she is checking if it of a very good quality. Then we have our sales manager Silvertje but he is not doing much… Continue reading