Eggsterminate final part!

DSCN1916-3 How does it feel being stuck with two Easter bunnies in the 42nd dimension? You don’t want to know. It’s worse then a bad opera. Fortunate Rupurrt and Mr. Blackwell were there to keep them separated from each other. We don’t want a bunny fight.
We had a bigger problem, mom foster fails kicked us out of the TARDIS and left us here. I think they leave us here behind and are taking over the Earth at this moment. It’s time to find out what is going on with Easter.
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Eggsterminate – Part 2

DalekMoms foster fails, The Easter Bunny, The TARDIS and me under the secret tree. Daleks eye pointed at us and weapons loaded. Now that sounded not good!
Tardis behind our back, should we make it in time to jump into it or should we be vaporized before we could make the jump to safety? “Eggsterminate, sounded through the wood, none was there to save us! Was this the end of Easter and The Time Cat? Continue reading


Eggsterminate – Part 1

Billy and TardisThe first sunny day of this year arrived. Me and my TARDIS were  sitting outside enjoying the first sunbeams. Taking it easy, like we like it. Suddenly the T-Phone ringed, instantly a shiver came down my spine. I got a bad feeling about this upcoming call.

  • Billy: Hello?
  • The Easter Bunny: “Hello, this is ‘The Easter Bunny’, is this ‘Billy The Time Cat’ I’m speaking with?
  • Billy: “Yes, it is”
  • The Easter Bunny: “We have to meet, in secret. Easter is in big big danger. Santa Paws told me I could trust you. We need your help.
  • Billy: “Meet me at The Secret Tree, I will be there”

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