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The “No More Daleks” Plan!

Clara and BillySo you remember that my mom went to “FACTS” last year?  That ended not well for me with all those foster fail Daleks.  The past week mom announced that she would go to another convention. I had to stop her to get more foster fails into the house.

I needed a good plan.  Clara and I  were talking about The Foster Daleks. I told her if we had more foster fails  mom wouldn’t have any money left to buy the ingredients for her soufflés. The soufflé baking would end. She agreed that this would be a disaster and that she would be unhappy, what made her my partner in crime.  Continue reading

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W2: Bow Ties Are cool

DSCN0884Welcome to week 2 of our “Bow Ties Are Cool”-party.  Mom did try to put on a bow tie on Amy and Silver. Do you know that television program “911”. Mom almost fit for that program, she almost got an “Emergency” on hand. I think Amy is still hiding under the couch and Silvertje is washing the blood from my mom of his fur. Oh boy enough blood to measure moms blood sugar. I bet it would be high from being stressed out. Well a lesson she certainly learned. Bow ties are not for every cat.

Enough blood spoiled on the floor, lets start the party with the first guests: Continue reading

Banana Party

W1: Always take a banana to a party!

Mom-DalekMy name is Dalek Mom but you can call me “Missy”. First I want to welcome you at banana party. I hope you all got your banana with you. If not you are not allowed to enter the party and I have to Exterminate you. Second I will be the adult responsible for this party so as an adult I will be in charge to overlook if you behave or misbehave. If you misbehave I won’t hesitate to exterminate you all!
Kittens under a year are not allowed to  have catnip, if you I see you kittens with catnip I will exterminate you and will have a chat with your parents.
Now lets get this party started with a song about banana’s

Have fun and “EXTERMINATE until the party ends”

Continue reading


What about My Egg?

DSCN1850 Billy: “Mom, I need to talk to you…”
Mom: “What’s up Billy?”
Billy: “Correct me if I’m wrong this site is all about me,yes?”
Mom: “Yes, love all about you”
Billy: “Why didn’t I get an Easter Egg made by you? All The Doctors have one. The one and only Time Cat left doesn’t have one! I think it’s not fair and that you should make some work about my Easter Egg or I will sing the song of my people all night long.”
Mom always listen to Billy The Time Cat and the result you can see the result on the left. It is based on the scarf Billy is wearing. will also be on sale for 7€/8. More info check this article out!

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Mom and Dr. Who!

  • Billy:  “Mom, didn’t you forget anything important last night?”
  • Mom: “Nope, I don’t think so”
  • Billy: ” Are you certain?”
  • Mom: “Yes”
  • Billy:  “I’m certain that you forgot something”
  • Mom: “What did I forgot?”
  • Billy: “Not hat but ‘Who’ did you forgot”
  • Mom: “Oh no, the final of Dr. Who forgot to record it”
  • Billy:  “Who’s Right?”