Finding Amy! – Part 1

What do we know about Amy her situation? The crack in my wall isn’t visible to humans, that is a fact. Mom talked about Amy, but she doesn’t remember that she revealed her full name: “Amy Pond”. The Silence has done something to my mom. The other fact is that she has a beautiful paw, what makes her a member of the feline society. When a member of the feline society needs help then we felines should help without hesitation.

Photo2291The first task is going to be difficult, we have to find Amy! I searched every spot in my house (Even moved my seats). Couldn’t find her.  Where is she? I pretty certain that she isn’t on this Earth! Maybe in the past or maybe in the future. I have to find out but I cannot do it on my own. So I called my team of superheroes felines to paw me out!

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Doggy Style

Mom: In all you adventures that you told me, you only mentioned cats traveling with you. What is wrong taking birds, dogs or other animals with you on your adventures

Billy: I don’t know mom. Birds can fly away and if I cannot catch them they can change the environment. If they get in a tree what then? I have to get them out. I need to climb the tree maybe I’m getting stuck. So what if that planet doesn’t have a local fire department to get me out? Timecat stuck for eternity in a tree. “That would be the joke of the universe”

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