Our Halloween fun!

Gravity Friends, seems I have a problem with gravity today. The TARDIS wanted to do something Halloween-ish so she reversed the polarity of the gravity. I think she mixed up April fools day with Halloween. We are into day four of the challenge, so sit back, relax because we will control all that you see and hear for the next few minutes…
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Mickey & Rickey

DSCN3677Finally back from hunting turkeys. I had a blast, I went to a planet that had only turkeys as living creatures, I was there many years ago, so I went back. I lost track of time and space. They evolved, they have libraries and stuff like that. I could say I caught one but that would be a lie. The babies are so sweet. My return was a bit more stress. I forgot about Clara and the soufflé, she told you it was a surprise but the foster fails told me about it. So when I returned, she threw the soufflé at my head, so she didn’t lie that she threw away the soufflé. Continue reading