Monster High

Adipose I have seen monsters in my live. I got to war, to stop them. I’m not afraid, sometimes “A good cat has to go to war”. I fight big, small, old, new, beautiful and dangerous….

Never cross my path because I will send you back to where you belong and it is not on this planet… let me introduce you… to 13 of my encounters for #JHC challenge 

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Daleks love books

How to tell if ….

Daleks reading books Hello Friends, these are The Daleks. Again we took control to warn you. We found an interesting book about cats. It is a must read for every cat owner in the universe. All persons reading this blog are owned by one or more cat, you should all read it. Cats are trying to take over the universe, it started short after the Big bang. Cats seems not to like explosions and loud noises but from this one they were not scared.

The only race in the universe is the humans that can stop them at this moment they still tolerate you because you have tuna and cans with food. From the moment they control their thumbs you are doomed. Yes, you humans. We warned you.
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Schermafbeelding 2015-11-25 om 18.12.33

Happy Thanksgiving

DSCN2615Hello, It’s me! Clara, The Impossible Sad Dalek. I’m still sitting here with my turkey soufflé waiting for Billy The Time Cat. The soufflé is overdone, I had to throw it away. I hope he has a very good reason not to show up for Thanksgiving diner.

If he, Doctor Meow shows up I have a big surprise for him. I will never make a soufflé for him on Thanksgiving. The only thing he can get is fish, stinky fish from a stinky fish can. He can ask his human to open that stinky fish can.  Continue reading

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-25 om 18.12.33

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello my frDSCN2622iends, it’s me Clara “The Impossible Dalek”. First I want to wish all my American friends a “Happy Thanksgiving”. Second, I’m going to make a soufflé, special for Billy. That silly Time Cat wants to impress the ladies by catching his own turkey for Thanksgiving. Now, this Dalek is smarter and I went shopping… just bought the biggest turkey in the universe. I got so excited that I “Exterminated” it. Now, we will have to do it with the second biggest turkey in the universe. Continue reading


The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 3

Outside 2 Hello friends that should be exterminated! We had to put a hold on our adventures: first Billy got us in the ropes. After we escaped we tried to sell our dino-fossil but none of those collectors wanted them. So no money no travel. They didn’t believe it was very old. We threw it outside. We had to think about new plans for our summer. We tried BBQ, yellow almost burned the appartement down. We forgot our troubles with the dino. Then it started to rain. We had some sunshine. When we were in our swimming suits it started to rain, if we were dressed for rain the sun tried to bake us.
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The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 2

DSCN2619 Due to circumstances, beyond our control, we had to cancel our adventure. Billy sneaked up on us and tied us to moms desk. This is not funny, we should exterminate Billy for doing this. While we were tied up Clara, The Impossible Dalek made diner for Billy… can you believe that? One of our own turning against us… Now, we cannot leave this unrevenged…

The Daleks, out of adventure and looking for revenge…


The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 1

DSCN2599Hello friends, do you remember us?
We are The Foster Fails of Billy’s mom.
Billy ignored us for a few weeks even months but with the good weather we managed to escape to the outside world. Billy, Amy and Silvertje were KO due to the heat, so we had some fun. Did we say some fun? No, We had a lot of fun. We decided to share the fun with you through Billy’s his blog. Continue reading

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Saving Mother’s Day

Love momMothers day, the day we thank our our mom that she is so patient with us for all us misbehave. That she forgive us for all the times we were hanging in the curtains or get stuff on the floor. When we urinated on the bed or other places, she always cleans it up. Or when we sing the song of our people after midnight. She loves us whatever we do!

She is taking care of us when we are sick, pampers us with love and kisses. She is our protector and the one we can talk to about our tiny problems.

When someone is planning to harm our mom, then we are getting armed and dangerous! Our paws get claws and we will protect them with our lives. Like we did last night… Continue reading

Tardis blanket

05/05/2015 Fanmail

Monday we got a beautiful card from Ellen. Mom was laughing with the card because it fits perfectly with our month theme of our parties… Moisturize me! A Dalek taking a bath… makes me wondering if they take a bath for a bad smell or is it an oil bath so they don’t get rusty?
Maybe I should try and give my moms Daleks a bath… ‘Evil Smile’
Thanks Ellen for the wonderful card.
You can follow Ellen and her 15 cats on their blog 15andMeowing

Have a great “Revenge of The Fifth” day!