Monster High

Adipose I have seen monsters in my live. I got to war, to stop them. I’m not afraid, sometimes “A good cat has to go to war”. I fight big, small, old, new, beautiful and dangerous….

Never cross my path because I will send you back to where you belong and it is not on this planet… let me introduce you… to 13 of my encounters for #JHC challenge 

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Schermafbeelding 2016-06-06 om 23.00.08

The Boyfriend

MR Pink and Billy My Clara,
What happened to you? My Soufflé girl. My Impossible Dalek. We were a perfect team. You made the tuna soufflé and I ate it. Why do I have the feeling you have been deleted out of my life. The one and only single Dalek I really cared about.
You know for a time cat it is heard to talk about these feelings. I saw worlds born, stars die. Friendship was hard, saying goodbye was harder. I opened my heart for you (and my mouth for your tuna soufflé) but now you did something… you fell in love…
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The “No More Daleks” Plan!

Clara and BillySo you remember that my mom went to “FACTS” last year?  That ended not well for me with all those foster fail Daleks.  The past week mom announced that she would go to another convention. I had to stop her to get more foster fails into the house.

I needed a good plan.  Clara and I  were talking about The Foster Daleks. I told her if we had more foster fails  mom wouldn’t have any money left to buy the ingredients for her soufflés. The soufflé baking would end. She agreed that this would be a disaster and that she would be unhappy, what made her my partner in crime.  Continue reading

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Cybermen Alert!

Photo2451A human “can opener” warned me that there been bananas distributed that are controlled by Cybermen. They are in reality ” Bionic Bananas”. They are really addictive to cats. Filled with strong catnip! Very dangerous. Please warn your fellow cat friends for this danger. This is currently happening around the globe. Please do what I tell to get this “danger” under control.

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