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Sunny crafty Weekend

Crafty birthday Yesterday, I little bird whispered in my ear that a fantastic person in the universe had her birthday! Clara, The Impossible Dalek made a strawberry soufflé and I made a crafty present. I dressed up like a real gentlemen and flew with the TARDIS to her home, unfortunate Miss Ellen was not home, she went to some cat stuff thing in a museum. We decided to eat the soufflé and I believe Phoebe said she would give her  the present… although she mentioned something about being her birthday month and that she would keep it, but I’m not certain about that.

When I returned mom was also gone, she went on a shopping spree to a craft shop…  guess how many yarn she brought back?

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Schermafbeelding 2015-09-20 om 13.49.11

Crafty Sunday

Desk mom Friends, this is my mom desk! No, no bomb exploded and no, we the cats did not created this mess. It is my mom who is solely the creator of this chaos. No, alien invasion was needed, just my mom. Now, mom knows when she is crafty she is pure chaos. I have to admit that she promised us that she would clean up her mess. How? I don’t know. She found on the internet that if she cleaned up every day for 10 min her desk, it would shine and rise from under the clutter (I believe she called it de-clutter or something) Continue reading