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Sunday Rain

Hama Beads Ear buds Today was a real november day: “cold, raining and no sun”. Mom didn’t had to work, so she started to make some new things for our shop. It are Earphone cord holders. Made with Hama Beads. Next friday we will start a give-away, you can win one! So check back next Friday.

We helped a paw by jumping in between the boxes with beads. Mom used, some not nice words but we had a great time.  The floor was filled with colorful beads.

In the afternoon mom got us some fresh cooked chicken, granny gave it to her for a special treat. It was really yummy and we got tuna, double win!

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Tricks with cables

Dashing boy Today mom was home (yes, love you mom). We had time to play and do some tricks, one of the tricks mom do is throwing with some dry food (our treats) and we have to run after it. Amy and I are always doing a contest. Who is first gets the treat, guess who is running the hardest and win most of the time? Right that is me! I’m not only handsome but also fast.
Amy told mom that she lets me win. I can’t believe that, I think she is such a slow lady.
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21/06/15: Etsy finds and Friends


13280_10153510778183676_6996210554960219935_n “Bow Ties Are cool”.

I love Bow Ties, they are really cool! It started with one, then 2 and now I have more then 10 Bow Ties. Now, I have cheap ones but mom wanted to have me some luxury ones.

Stylish good looking Bow Ties, she find that I’m better looking with them. So we started to search on Etsy after bow ties.

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W2: Bow Ties Are cool

DSCN0884Welcome to week 2 of our “Bow Ties Are Cool”-party.  Mom did try to put on a bow tie on Amy and Silver. Do you know that television program “911”. Mom almost fit for that program, she almost got an “Emergency” on hand. I think Amy is still hiding under the couch and Silvertje is washing the blood from my mom of his fur. Oh boy enough blood to measure moms blood sugar. I bet it would be high from being stressed out. Well a lesson she certainly learned. Bow ties are not for every cat.

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