Thanksgiving turkey First thing: “Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA friends”. I hope you have a great day with family and friends. Second… Who stole my turkey? Seriously, mom told me there is no turkey left in the freezer. That is really strange. I have a lot of turkey in my freezer. Not only my TARDIS is bigger on the inside… my freezer is also bigger on the inside. I have to visit all my friends and check out if you have my turkey.  Prepare yourself that I will show up with my TARDIS and I will check your turkey, I will certainly recognize my turkey with or without feathers!

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Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 00.59.27

Caturday is here!

img_3496 Caturday is here! Time for some adventure in mom new closet thing. I was hoping it would be bigger on the inside, unfortunate it was not. It doesn’t has any secret doorways, it is not a time portal. It is just an ordinary closet thing to hang on the wall. Very disappointed with it.

I should look and find myself a new adventure. I think the foster fails are taking a winter sleep. Santa Paws is still save, Christmas this year looks like very boring…

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Give away

It’s weekend!

Hama Beads Ear buds We promised the past week that we would do a give-away. How you can win one of those cool cord holders, we will let your know on the end of this blogpost.

Mom and I are happy that it is Friday, mom is 2 days home and I so excited to get a lot of snuggles from her the upcoming days.

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Throw Back Thursday

TBT and Thankful

img_3495 Today I’m thankful, thankful because I’m still here. Today I’m thankful, because my mom is my mom. Five years ago we came to the biggest challenge in our life. The Vet diagnosed me with diabetes. That day my mom decided not to give up on me. She delivered a fight to make me feel good again. I will never cure but I have a mom who will never give up on me.

Five years, ago it was really my lucky day.

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Schermafbeelding 2015-09-20 om 13.49.11

Sunday Rain

Hama Beads Ear buds Today was a real november day: “cold, raining and no sun”. Mom didn’t had to work, so she started to make some new things for our shop. It are Earphone cord holders. Made with Hama Beads. Next friday we will start a give-away, you can win one! So check back next Friday.

We helped a paw by jumping in between the boxes with beads. Mom used, some not nice words but we had a great time.  The floor was filled with colorful beads.

In the afternoon mom got us some fresh cooked chicken, granny gave it to her for a special treat. It was really yummy and we got tuna, double win!

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Tricks with cables

Dashing boy Today mom was home (yes, love you mom). We had time to play and do some tricks, one of the tricks mom do is throwing with some dry food (our treats) and we have to run after it. Amy and I are always doing a contest. Who is first gets the treat, guess who is running the hardest and win most of the time? Right that is me! I’m not only handsome but also fast.
Amy told mom that she lets me win. I can’t believe that, I think she is such a slow lady.
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Monster High

Adipose I have seen monsters in my live. I got to war, to stop them. I’m not afraid, sometimes “A good cat has to go to war”. I fight big, small, old, new, beautiful and dangerous….

Never cross my path because I will send you back to where you belong and it is not on this planet… let me introduce you… to 13 of my encounters for #JHC challenge 

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The haunted planet

Billy TardisHaunted, I love haunted. I love haunted houses and castles. I can’t get enough of them. I have an awesome story to tell you. It is about a haunted solar system.

I discovered this haunted solar system in the  year 3131, October 31: “Halloween”.

Today #JHC Day 5 challenge is haunted,  it is a good time to tell it.

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