Making yummy treats!

Good sunny Sunday my friends. It is hot here in Belgium, temperatures rising like crazy, no rain in the first day and it is the first time in ages that the farmers have problems to keep their crops hydrated. Us cats are lazy, spreading out in every liquid form we can. Mom was in the mood to make us a yummy surprise. Yes, she was crafty with meat!
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Throw Back Thursday

Taking a break

Taking a break Sometimes you need to take a break from stuff you love to do. Silvertje loves to nap and we told him he should explore the universe with us. He rather sit on his big fat lazy butt then go on adventure with us.

I love to time travel but the past weeks I started to enjoy being home. The sun is shinning here every day. Mom let us sleep outside in our little space. It is really dry here and mom said the dust bunnies are back in the house. I can tell you, dust bunnies are not easy to catch.

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It is a….

Knot or bowtie? Today we are at part two of our 4CATS toy review, this time we go for something blue and big and it is not a TARDIS.

Billy:”Nope, it is a bowtie”
Mom: “Billy, it is a knot”
Billy: “It looks like a bowtie”
Mom: “It is a knot filled with catnip”
Billy: “I don’t care, I will use it as a bow tie because bowties are cool!”

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Schermafbeelding 2017-03-06 om 20.34.39

Where Cuddly dolphins swim in the sky

Billy and Amy catnip toysThe box has been opened and mom got the first catnip toy unpacked. 4Cats send us a selection of their toys to test them out. We got them for free but this review will tell only facts and no alternative facts.

4Cats is a firm based in Germany that specialize in quality catnip toys. They work with  real Valerian roots and catnip. Some toys have only only Valerian or catnip in them. Others have a combination of both. Continue reading

Schermafbeelding 2017-02-06 om 21.20.35

To The VET

Not happy So upset with my mom. She tricked Fientje and me. She put (more pushing on my bum) us in our carriage and went to the vet with us.

Why? Fientje had a growth under her skin, close to her spine, so mom wanted to check it out what it was.
Me? Mom wanted the vet to check my teeth and she wanted the vet do some nails trimming.

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super bowl

Sunday bowl

Empty bowl Today there is a lot of talks about a bowl. Not a normal bowl but a super bowl. Honestly I wanted to know what all the talk was about. So I dressed myself up and I jumped into the bowl, to find out was was going on.

To get in, I had to do a lot. I offered catnip, toys, catniptini’s, tuna and even money those pesky humans didn’t let me in.

So I had to go to plan B….

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The Fashion Oehoe – Final

The WallIs it gone? The Wall? Did we made it? Yes, we did! Oh boy, it was a great adventure. You know I asked that cats should dress up as reindeers… Well we had thousand of cats showing up.

Amazing how many cats would be skipping Christmas with family to save the world. (I heard a rumor that some of them, throw down The Christmas Tree, so the human put them in a separate room with water and food, so they could escape human control that way)

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The Fashion Oehoe Part 4

Fashion any 2099 After our wel deserved nap, we started to walk again. Sleeping with an Fashion Goeroe above your head is not fun. He looked at all the kittens and me, like we were wearing an old coat.  I had the feeling I looked not fashionable enough for him.

Well, I think he forgot that black is always in fashion. Black is the color for all ages, centuries, universes and place. I should know that, I have experience as a traveler.

Now, I have to tell you, we walked far and longue. It gave me time to think about walking and I wrote a song about our walk:

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