The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 3

Outside 2 Hello friends that should be exterminated! We had to put a hold on our adventures: first Billy got us in the ropes. After we escaped we tried to sell our dino-fossil but none of those collectors wanted them. So no money no travel. They didn’t believe it was very old. We threw it outside. We had to think about new plans for our summer. We tried BBQ, yellow almost burned the appartement down. We forgot our troubles with the dino. Then it started to rain. We had some sunshine. When we were in our swimming suits it started to rain, if we were dressed for rain the sun tried to bake us.
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The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 1

DSCN2599Hello friends, do you remember us?
We are The Foster Fails of Billy’s mom.
Billy ignored us for a few weeks even months but with the good weather we managed to escape to the outside world. Billy, Amy and Silvertje were KO due to the heat, so we had some fun. Did we say some fun? No, We had a lot of fun. We decided to share the fun with you through Billy’s his blog. Continue reading

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Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey – Part 1

Welcome to a new month and a new party-theme, this time we go for a “Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey” Theme! This theme will be used for August also, 2 months of Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey!
Tardis, Travel,… use your imagination! We have collected some great examples from the past, so lets have this party started!

Like I told we going to use some of the past to start things up and give you some great examples. If you don’t have a TARDIS then you can photoshop one into your photo.
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21/06/15: Etsy finds and Friends


13280_10153510778183676_6996210554960219935_n “Bow Ties Are cool”.

I love Bow Ties, they are really cool! It started with one, then 2 and now I have more then 10 Bow Ties. Now, I have cheap ones but mom wanted to have me some luxury ones.

Stylish good looking Bow Ties, she find that I’m better looking with them. So we started to search on Etsy after bow ties.

Many shops have bow ties, some for humans, some for dogs. Big small colorful and weird. Continue reading

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“Prisoner Zero Has escaped”- Party

Prisoner Zero escaped Hello welcome to our latest party. We moved the party to friday that will be easier for mom and me. We hope you understand. This month theme is a bit more difficult but we are certain that the ones who will attend will find a way to meet the theme. What is the theme for this month?
The party theme is “Prisoner Zero has escaped”. We don’t know who the real prisoner zero is but we have a lot of candidates showing up this evening….


So lets the party started with following candidates “Prisoner zero’s”. Continue reading

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Saving Mother’s Day

Love momMothers day, the day we thank our our mom that she is so patient with us for all us misbehave. That she forgive us for all the times we were hanging in the curtains or get stuff on the floor. When we urinated on the bed or other places, she always cleans it up. Or when we sing the song of our people after midnight. She loves us whatever we do!

She is taking care of us when we are sick, pampers us with love and kisses. She is our protector and the one we can talk to about our tiny problems.

When someone is planning to harm our mom, then we are getting armed and dangerous! Our paws get claws and we will protect them with our lives. Like we did last night… Continue reading

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DSCN2500 Today we start with “The Time Cats ABC”, inspired by the a-z blogging challenge we found on 15andmeowing.com. It will be stories, lists, photo’s or other fun things but every time we will have fun with a letter.
We will post every Wednesday a new “A Time Cats ABC “. I hope you will enjoy it and we always appreciate your comments on our article.

Today we start with A

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The “No More Daleks” Plan!

Clara and BillySo you remember that my mom went to “FACTS” last year?  That ended not well for me with all those foster fail Daleks.  The past week mom announced that she would go to another convention. I had to stop her to get more foster fails into the house.

I needed a good plan.  Clara and I  were talking about The Foster Daleks. I told her if we had more foster fails  mom wouldn’t have any money left to buy the ingredients for her soufflés. The soufflé baking would end. She agreed that this would be a disaster and that she would be unhappy, what made her my partner in crime.  Continue reading


Eggsterminate final part!

DSCN1916-3 How does it feel being stuck with two Easter bunnies in the 42nd dimension? You don’t want to know. It’s worse then a bad opera. Fortunate Rupurrt and Mr. Blackwell were there to keep them separated from each other. We don’t want a bunny fight.
We had a bigger problem, mom foster fails kicked us out of the TARDIS and left us here. I think they leave us here behind and are taking over the Earth at this moment. It’s time to find out what is going on with Easter.
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Eggsterminate – Part 2

DalekMoms foster fails, The Easter Bunny, The TARDIS and me under the secret tree. Daleks eye pointed at us and weapons loaded. Now that sounded not good!
Tardis behind our back, should we make it in time to jump into it or should we be vaporized before we could make the jump to safety? “Eggsterminate, sounded through the wood, none was there to save us! Was this the end of Easter and The Time Cat? Continue reading