Daleks love books

How to tell if ….

Daleks reading books Hello Friends, these are The Daleks. Again we took control to warn you. We found an interesting book about cats. It is a must read for every cat owner in the universe. All persons reading this blog are owned by one or more cat, you should all read it. Cats are trying to take over the universe, it started short after the Big bang. Cats seems not to like explosions and loud noises but from this one they were not scared.

The only race in the universe is the humans that can stop them at this moment they still tolerate you because you have tuna and cans with food. From the moment they control their thumbs you are doomed. Yes, you humans. We warned you.
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Sunny crafty Weekend

Crafty birthday Yesterday, I little bird whispered in my ear that a fantastic person in the universe had her birthday! Clara, The Impossible Dalek made a strawberry soufflé and I made a crafty present. I dressed up like a real gentlemen and flew with the TARDIS to her home, unfortunate Miss Ellen was not home, she went to some cat stuff thing in a museum. We decided to eat the soufflé and I believe Phoebe said she would give her  the present… although she mentioned something about being her birthday month and that she would keep it, but I’m not certain about that.

When I returned mom was also gone, she went on a shopping spree to a craft shop…  guess how many yarn she brought back?

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Halloween Party 2015 – Part 2

12141494_10153947111573676_7134432181886257539_n Hello my friends and welcome to our second Halloween party of the year, 2015. Mom decided to put our Halloween decoration out to get the swing into the party. Clara, The Impossible Dalek decided to cook some stuff to try out for this week Halloween party and I must say: “We went berserk”. This resulted in some death Halloween decoration. Mom was not happy, I can tell you that. We decided to serve the “Catnip Pumpkin latté” this evening because it was so freaking awesome! Continue reading

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Halloween is coming!

12080047_10207895113043818_3188304243130164348_o Hellow my friends, before we start talking about the coolest event in the year, I mean the second coolest. The first is my birthday, although at my age you sometimes want to skip one or even two birthdays. Mom and I want to apologize for not blogging so much but it was for a good cause, we donated some very cool stuff to our favorite shelter. Mom made Christmas stars, blankets, coasters in the colors of the local football team. Still don’t get anything about that sport, 22 men running around after one bal? How crazy are they? Go to a toy shop and you can buy there balls for everyone. Oh well, as long as they do that they won’t misbehave I suppose. Now it was a lot of work, specially after she had to redo the Buffalo Indian because she ironed it a bit to much, what leaded to melted beads, what almost leaded in my moms yeas to a distaster of Category 7, human stopped walking this planet.I looked and approved! Continue reading

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Crafty Weekend and give-away

Crafty Amy Mom was in a very crafty mood. She went to a craft convention in an other town. She bought paint, stamps, a light for the desk and a lot of cool, shiny papers to work with. That means a weekend of crafting would be ahead! Now when moms craft Amy always sit on the front row. Picking things with her tiny paws. Bite in things. Me on the other hand avoid the craft table, I don’t want any paint on my beautiful fur. Continue reading