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Sunny Sundays are coming!

Sunny beams Spring is coming. I can feel it in the air. Mom told me also that she can see it. She noticed that I’m behaving silly. Running after my own tail. Chasing Amy and Fientje. Playing around like a kitten.

Love those sunbeams on my black fur, they announce spring. They give me tremendous energy. You can call me a crazy and silly old boy… and you are right about that.

Looking so forward for more sunbeams coming my way. I hope everyone find them soon because they are awesome.

Enough talk about Sunbeams….

I had a goofy paw moment on my scratching pole this weekend, my paws were really tied up with each other. Mom still can’t figure it out! Can you?
Sleeping beauty

This weekend there was something inside my mom yarn box, I found it really scary but I had to check it out! You never know what Evil is in a box… Can you guess what was inside the box?

What is in The Box

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Love you all with both of my hearts

Billy The Time Cat


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