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Sunny crafty Weekend

Crafty birthday Yesterday, I little bird whispered in my ear that a fantastic person in the universe had her birthday! Clara, The Impossible Dalek made a strawberry soufflé and I made a crafty present. I dressed up like a real gentlemen and flew with the TARDIS to her home, unfortunate Miss Ellen was not home, she went to some cat stuff thing in a museum. We decided to eat the soufflé and I believe Phoebe said she would give her  the present… although she mentioned something about being her birthday month and that she would keep it, but I’m not certain about that.

When I returned mom was also gone, she went on a shopping spree to a craft shop…  guess how many yarn she brought back?

Now, we come at the crafty sunday part. I was on the bed, still deciding who was real in the mirror. Mom wanted to be with me so she put her box with yarn and stuff on the bed and did some crocheting. I loved it, it was awesome.

Sunday bed crocheting

Amy we couldn’t find at first, she told us she was planning to read a book, my Dalek book.  I think we caught somebody sleeping on the job….

Amy reading books

For the first time We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, with me in the spotlight:
The plan
Next Sunday I will search for the photo, where my mom has a real cat on her head.
The Cat on my head
This is a blog hop, find out who is hopping with us:

Don’t forget our contest, still time to participate.

A lots of dreams filled with yarn,

Billy The Time Cat

Ps, Don’t forget to visit my moms shop at Etsy

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15 thoughts on “Sunny crafty Weekend

  1. Hi Billy, I like that crochet work. You got to fly the Tardis? wow that is so cool! You need to chat with my pal SEVILLE, over at the Nerissas life blog… he has whisk time travel technology that is fantastic! Great Sunday Selfie, hope to see you next week… purrs ERin

    1. Thank you for the compliment on moms crochet work.
      Yes, I have my own TARDIS that I fly. I’ve seen Seville through time and space.
      We will try to be present the next week.

      Billy The Time Cat

  2. Thank you for thinking of me, I am sorry I missed you. That stinkin’ Phoebe didn’t even tall me you had come by and I didn’t see the gift. Great selfie. XO

    1. Next time, I will call first to make certain that you are home.
      Oh, where did she hide the gift then? Naughty Phoebe, I cannot believe she actually would keep the present for herself.

      Billy The Time Cat

    1. I don’t play with yarn, the only strings I pull are the strings of time and space in the universe. Amy on the other hand is an expert yarn player.

      Billy the Time Cat

  3. So good of you to make a crafty present for Miss Ellen and for Clara to do up a souffle :)
    We think she will appreciate that.
    Sounds like your mum is doing up some yarn crafts. That is something she can do close to you 😉
    Poor Amy,falling asleep with the book. MOL!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    1. Yes, I think she will appreciate it.
      I love it when she is doing some yarn craft. I sleep or sit next to her and we have always a great time.

      Billy The Time Cat

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