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Sunday was not lazy…

Christmas crafty Yesterday it was a crazy day. We had a storm here, mom had to secure the outside furniture and all stuff that was outside that could fly away and cause damage. From the building next to us we had isolation coming down on our terrace. Fortunate no damage but it was a real messy thing. Mom had to work, there was a big event going on (Like with a lot of drunk people) a lot of trouble because of the storm and mom was exhausted and got into her bed straight after work.

But we have a winner, first the number of beads.. 345 ( We double checked, we tripled checked it and even The Daleks counted it. We  let Amy count but she only got to 3 before she fell asleep… We asked granny, the mailman and co workers… all got 345.


Now, we have a winner…  congrats Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles, I think they got the hint for 12 correctly…  Let us know which one you want from the photo or you want something specific let us know!


Thanks everyone who participated, don’t be sad if you didn’t win anything. We will have more give- aways in the future!

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