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Sunday Rain

Hama Beads Ear buds Today was a real november day: “cold, raining and no sun”. Mom didn’t had to work, so she started to make some new things for our shop. It are Earphone cord holders. Made with Hama Beads. Next friday we will start a give-away, you can win one! So check back next Friday.

We helped a paw by jumping in between the boxes with beads. Mom used, some not nice words but we had a great time.  The floor was filled with colorful beads.

In the afternoon mom got us some fresh cooked chicken, granny gave it to her for a special treat. It was really yummy and we got tuna, double win!

I think the misbehaving helped to get some extra yummy stuff. It was like a reward. In the afternoon we looked up our sleeping spot while mom did what she had to do…. making stuff.

Silvertje took his selfie before he started his couch surfing….

couch surving

Amy found a very comfortable blanket to sleep on, before sleep got her, she took this lovely selfie!
comfy blanket

Fientje found the right angle for her selfie, she is getting very good in it.

Fientje Angel

And my selfie? Well pure handsomeness… because I’m a cool black cat!

Bowties handsome

These are also our selfies for the cat on my head blog hop
The Cat on my head

Today it is two years that our foster fails arrived at my house, still hear, still alive and I hate them…. read all about it here!

Love you all (except for the Daleks),
Billy The Time Cat

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