Sunday is not for working!

IMG_3573Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday. We have a great time today. It was cloudy but that didn’t stop us for being lazy. Amy, Fientje and I slept almost the whole day.

Mom was crafty. She is organizing a big handmade market in our town. She is spending time finding shops that want to attend the market and she is making all kind of stuff for on the market. 

The market will take place in this old church. This part is not been used anymore. There are a lot of markets in it like an old book market and an antique market. Mom loves the building.


While mom was working, I spend time in my favorite basket.

Basket Billy

Silvertje was caught in my moms bed.

Silvertje in bed

Mom made an Easter rainbow egg, that you can use as decoration or as a coaster. I think my mom is in a rainbow periode. Everything she makes is rainbow: scarves, coasters, earbud holders,…  hope she doesn’t put me into rainbow colors.
Rainbow Easter Egg

Now it is time to get lazy again and get a big nap. I love you all and hope to see you all soon.


Billy The Time Cat

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