super bowl

Sunday bowl

Empty bowl Today there is a lot of talks about a bowl. Not a normal bowl but a super bowl. Honestly I wanted to know what all the talk was about. So I dressed myself up and I jumped into the bowl, to find out was was going on.

To get in, I had to do a lot. I offered catnip, toys, catniptini’s, tuna and even money those pesky humans didn’t let me in.

So I had to go to plan B….

Plan B is something The Doctor uses a lot. It is called psychic paper. It is actually a blanc card and you can use it to let people think that your are someone they are expecting. Kind of fun to use. So they were thinking I was a journalist from Gallifrey. That was really awesome because I got in the press room.  I could report about The Super Bowl in an awesome way.

Super Bowl Press Room

It looked exciting with all those humans doing silly things: bumping against each other. Catching the ball and running away with it. Catch the ball and throw it away. Crazy but fun to watch. Next year I will be back at the event. This time I bring my own bowl with food because I didn’t see many bowls.

The Cat on my head
My selfie from the press room is qualified for “The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop”


Wishing you all a fantastic filled bowl with all your favorite food.

Billy The Time Cat

Journalist for “The Daily Gallifreyan”


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