Stop Slacking, get back to work!

Take a break!

Take a break!

Ok,mom. It’s time to get back to work. New year started time to write down my adventures, work on my book, feed me, play with me, update my photo blog . What else did I forget? How far are you with my non-profit organization? Did you see the comment sections it’s invaded by spam bots, you know that’s an invasion that you should handle. Don’t forget to go shopping for me tomorrow.My favorite food is 1+1 free, now if that is not a deal, you should get the complete stock for me. No place in the house you say? Now, my TARDIS still have place available.  The litter stuff is also in promotion, stock it up lady! The more the merrier. If it’s starts freezing I have my supplies. I need a scarf for this winter, I like the one the fourth Doctor had, so start knitting. Don’t forget to delete the photos where my but looks fat, none can see these. You still have to deal with these foster fails of yours! Now I going to take a nap, you know what to do while I sleep.

I forgot that you can still ask me a question on this article, this until the end of the month.

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