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Sometimes you have to give in…

Catnip pizza
Sometimes you have to give in. This week I did it a lot. Sharing my cat toys, sharing my treats and now I share my blog again with my other sister Fientje. It all started when Amy got her “Friendly Fill in” for her adoption anniversary. Now, Fientje is demanding the same. Sisters can sometime be so “annoying”. To keep the calm in the house, I gave in… This old boy cannot hear the quarrel anymore. So now I present you “Fientje her Friendly Fill-in”

Hello Billy friends (is that micro on?). Billy granted me a friendly fill-in, I was so stressed out that I had to do some yoga. This is called the Bridge pose, it helps with the relaxing off the front paws. It is good to relax your front paws.


Then I did another cat-yoga-pose, it is called the “stretch your neck pose”. It helps to relax the muscles around your shoulders. Relaxed shoulders are very important for kitties.

Fientje Yoga 2 pose

You should always have something very soft under you, moms blankets are awesome to have. You can find them in our shop.
Now I’m ready to answer the awesome questions in the Friendly Fill-ins from 15andMeowing and Mcguffy’s Reader
Friendly Fill-Ins

The questions that have to be answered  by me are:

  1. My favorite way to exercise is _____
  2.  Something I learned last week was ____
  3. I am sentimental about ____________
  4. Some people may find it surprising to know___


Here are my answers to the above four questions:


  1. My favorite way to exercise is yoga and stretching. I think I gave it away with my photos but with my long legs I have the purfect body for yoga and stretching. Altough I threw out the cd I once bought. There were birds singing on it and that was not funny.
  2. something I learned last week was that Amy is slime ball with her granny. She is purring, kneading and licking just to get extra treats from granny.
  3. I am sentimental about past memories. I have some very good memories about the past, some bad also but they are nothing compared with the good ones.
  4. Some people may find it surprising to know I lived for a few months on the streets, then I moved in a garage. A few months later Billy mom adopted me, because she couldn’t save Rory. Now I’m a spoiled kitty.

I hope you liked my answers. Billy let me know that we in october a party for Halloween, it will be in the TARDIS. We (Billy has) are also have a nice plan that involves all our friends around the world. So watch our site very closely.

Love and Purs,

Fientje, yoga Diva Cat


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