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Head stuff Dear Furry Friends,
I bring you in deep sadness, the loss of a friend. He was noisy, scary, filled with fur and energy but the battle against the old age was lost. He went in silence but with a very strange smell. Mom is saddened by the loss, she will never find a replacement.  Mom decided there are no flowers needed or anything else. Just your sympathy and your grieve…


Ok, that is enough… Yes, finally the vacuum cleaner is death. The death didn’t come from above but it stopped with a smelly smoke and a lot of noise. It is gone, party! We invite everyone for a drink (Catniptini’s stirred not shaken) and we have treats for everyone! Dancing and drinking are allowed until the end of time! Mom told us she doesn’t has the money for a new one, so that will be a double party! OMC, how many luck a black cat can have in their nine lives! That much… bye, bye… Tomorrow mom will bring you to the recycle store and you are doomed and nobody will rescue you!

Vacuum Cleaner

Thank you all for your sympathy!

Billy The Time Cat

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