Racing with a blue Box

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Billy:  “Mom, can I tell you about the adventure I had with some of my friends? I took them with me on ‘The Tardis’. It was really fun.”
Mom: ” Yes, my sweetie, you can. Meanwhile I make some yummy breakfast for you and me .”

Billy: „ The Tardis is really fast, so what I wanted to do is finding out how fast it was. To do so I needed more furrfiends to control the Tardis. I picked up Morton for Mayor & Mr. Mooch and Friends because they looked they could handle this dangerous challenge.
First stop we had was at Tatooine, Jabba had a pod race going on in the arena. So we participated, unofficially. We won the race! Within a blink of an eye, it took like ages for the others to arrive, the winner was a small kid from the block, named Anakin.
Next challenge “Kessel Run”: „ We made the Kessel Run shorter then short, we flew through the Maw. Defeating the record. It was awesome how both my companions handled the Tardis. They certainly got talent
The fun just started and we flew from one universe to another universe. Finding the edge of the Tardis. Finding new challenges. Black holes, supernova nothing could defeat our speed. It was an amazing day.
We ended the day with a visit at the non-nekked beach. So we sitting there talking about our adventures when suddenly an other tardis showed up. A necked cat fell out of it scaring off the humans. I don’t know what got me most: „ that there was another tardis or the necked cat falling out of it”. I had to call the Intergalactic Police (short Interpol) to find out who that cat was. Now I hope to have some news very soon about that cat.
After this disturbance I brought Morton & Mr. Mooch back. I promised I would take them to another adventure in the near future, I know they love Daleks, maybe a field trip to the Dalek world?

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