Our Halloween fun!

Gravity Friends, seems I have a problem with gravity today. The TARDIS wanted to do something Halloween-ish so she reversed the polarity of the gravity. I think she mixed up April fools day with Halloween. We are into day four of the challenge, so sit back, relax because we will control all that you see and hear for the next few minutes…

Not many cats can walk over Cthulhu and still talk about it, Amy is one of the lucky few… or The Great Old One has a weak spot for black cats…


If you survive Daleks then nothing can scare you for Halloween!


And Amy and her best friend Mister C…

Amy & C

You see black cats and Halloween are a purfect match.  This was our entry for #JHC day 4 Halloween challenge. Today it was, tomorrow it will be  haunted, we better find some haunted place…
JNW's Halloween challenge


Today it was also World Animal Day. I hope you had a great day with food, toys and awesome treats. Don’t forget the cats, dogs…. that are in a shelter. Mom donated some money to a local no kill shelter… What special did you do for World Animal Day?


Love and kisses,

Billy The Time Cat!

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