Oh boy!

Fientje Yesterday it was that time of the year. Fientje and Silvertje had to go to the vet. I was happy it was not me. I hate the VET. Sticking needles in me and it smells so strange.

Fientje has an infection on her paw. She got an antibiotica shot and her paw need some bathing. (Mom will have fun).
Her teeth need some cleaning so that will be happening shortly (mom is not happy with the extra costs but skipping Christmas gifts is her answer to the family)

Fientje is not a happy camper. With all that poking around and that extra needle in her fur (Now, she knows how I feel)

Mom always take two of us to the VET, Silvertje was the next victim on the slaughter table. According to the VET, he gained some extra weight.  He told them it was his winter fur, a better excuse would have been that it was from all the turkey he took out off my freezer (Yes, it was him, he invited all his girlfriends for a turkey party).

vet visit

They had to rim his nails, the turkey gave a big fight. My mom had to step in to hold him with a towel under control.  Prove is the above photo. Billy

This morning mom did a very stupid thing. She give me my insulin twice, so I’m very low on my sugar and mom keeps giving me cat food with sugar. The last measurement I had 2.6 ( Normally I need 7) so mom is keeping an eye on me

Have to go now, mom is there again with a needle to check my sugar



Billy The Time Cat




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