Noms, moms, no noms

I Wanted to learn the language from Gallifrey. To work on my relation with my Tardis, it would be better I could speak the language. Miscommunication is something you can miss as  having pain in your tail.

I started to learn the most important thing in a cat life ” I want noms”. Gallifreyan language is more difficult then any other language. I learned it, trained it, tried it and it’s was perfect.

I wanted to show off with my friends Mr. Mooch,  Morton, Silvertje,  Wilby (The Spacecat from planet Puff’n’Stuff). I tripped over the words and instead I said: ” I want moms”…. “Duh” The Tardis did what I asked and suddenly all our moms were present in the Tardis. You know how moms are! “Panic button”, “Where are we?” ” What are you doing here” ” We demand answers”. Oh boy, was I in trouble. So I had to use my mind-tricks and bring the moms back home. I hope the mind-tricks worked out fine or some of us kitties are in trouble. 


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