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Naughty Someone was naughty. IT was NOT me, for the record. It was another black cat that is running around here in the house!

It happened in the middle of the night, I was sleeping with mom. Mom jumped out of bed because she was thinking her new closet thingy was falling down.

She discovered this and Amy pointed to me, then to the Daleks. Fortunate I was sleeping in my mom arms so I have a witness. Mom still believe that the Daleks are innocent but this time they are.

After that mom put Amy on the bed and told her to behave. Guess what part she didn’t understood?

Amy and Me

I hope she doesn’t do that again, because mom didn’t find it funny.

Our hint for our give away is a good one… if you double our 3 digit number you still have a 3 digit number.

Purs, love and kisses

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