My Gotcha Day!

Billy Gotcha 2016 Can’t believe it that it is my gotcha day! Fortunate the TARDIS reminded me. You know, Christmas is always trouble to the universe and my gotcha day is always messed up with me saving the universe. Currently status: “saving the planet Earth from a big wall”. I will update you later what the plan is to save The Earth, but get your Santa Paw costumes out and i will pick you all up and brief you.

Looking for: sleigh, reindeer (s) or cats who can dress themselves up as reindeers.

What else do I need? Let me think… I think we have it all, just need some planning in time and space to get stuff right. Everyone who can help a paw be ready buy tomorrow!

Searching for….

Searching 1

Nope, not there!


Where did I put my Santa Paws Costume?


Billy The Time Cat

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