Friday Fun

My adoption anniversary!

Amy Pond 2014 Two years ago, I was rescued by Billy The Time Cat. I became his traveling companion. To celebrate this I could take over his blog for only one day! Now if you have any questions for me, it is time to ask them.

I will also do the Friendly Fill-ins from 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader


But first a photo of me:

Amy Pond 2

The Fill-Ins for week 15:

Friendly Fill-Ins


1. When I run out of ______, I use ________instead.
2. My guru is _______________.
3. I am afraid of ___________
4. I feel empowered________


My answers are:
1. When I run out of naughtiness, I use my evilness instead. Yes, sometimes you have to be evil in this world or another world to survive. Specially when you are on a time travel with Billy The Time Cat, and trouble is his middle name.
2. My guru is kanguru, I love how they jump
3. I am afraid of nothing, I’m a clever and tough girl who can handle every problem who crosses my path.
4. I feel empowered by catnip, the only stuff that gives me super powers!

Amy Pond photo bomb

Now excuse me boys and girls, I have a party to attend. I have to dance all night long with my sweet love Rupurrt Ninja Kitten.

Amy Pond, The Cat Who waited


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