Adiposes have fun

Mom should loose it!

TARDIS and Billy

My friends, my mom should loose it. Seriously, it is a big issue! Mom should loose some fat. If she continue like that I have to install a bigger human flap so mom can still enter the appartement. Still wondering how she gained that much fat. The chocolade, candy and other stuff she puts in her mouth is unbelievable. If I should eat that much I would be a very big fat black panther.

The other thing is, mom and I sleep together on the couch for our afternoon nap, spooning with mom was fun until her belly got in the way. I know, that is not something to talk about on a blog but I know you are my friends and I can trust you with my personal mom issues.

Today mom did a garage sale with some family members. It was the moment to get a plan in place. I went to my friends “The Adipose”. Pure fat, The Doctor told me once that as a diet plan they work. When mom returns she will be very surprised to find her new personal trainer, one who will help to loose her fat. The Adipose happy and me happy.

The Adipose
The Adipose has some good plans for my mom. Running around the table, lifting bags of cat litter. Jumping over our toys that we scatter around the appartement. Very good and funny stuff… Mom going to loose the fat… Have to go now, mom is back! Don’t tell her I told you about the fat or she will be very mad at me!

Purs, Love, Kisses,
Billy The Time Cat

PS: will let you know how our plans work out.
PPS: Oh, my cat… mom looks like a lobster… she is sunburned (giggles)

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