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Mickey & Rickey

DSCN3677Finally back from hunting turkeys. I had a blast, I went to a planet that had only turkeys as living creatures, I was there many years ago, so I went back. I lost track of time and space. They evolved, they have libraries and stuff like that. I could say I caught one but that would be a lie. The babies are so sweet. My return was a bit more stress. I forgot about Clara and the soufflé, she told you it was a surprise but the foster fails told me about it. So when I returned, she threw the soufflé at my head, so she didn’t lie that she threw away the soufflé.With the soufflé on my head and fur, I entered my home and I saw there two new creatures sitting. Mom dino eggs hatched and she wanted me to be their godfather. Now, you know when something like that happens I’m getting suspicious, very suspicious. I licked myself clean and took a nap to think.


Waking up with two dino’s lying on you, that is akward. Even for a Time Cat. It’s not because The Doctor took a dino back to London that this a normal happening.  The Doctor would tell me that  I should bring them back to where they belong.

DSCN3668 I can’t do that, they are so fluffy and warm. That is not true, I can not send them back because there is a meteor somewhere out there that is planning to fall on their head. That is a point in time and space that can never be changed. Otherwise our humans would have all dino’s as pets and we would still be hunting mousses.


Now I have to name them, I name them Mickey and Ricky. Still have to decide who is Mickey and who is Ricky. Maybe I should throw a dice, or something to find out who is who.

One of the dino’s tried to catch my tail and almost fell down. Fortunate I could catch him with my paws and pulled him up with my teeth. Yes, I’m a very strong, got a lot of training the past week with the turkeys.



Now I have to go, do some more thinking about stuff. Like what can go wrong this Christmas. The Doctor and I always get in trouble with Christmas. So I’m expecting trouble and I think it will be double trouble.

Also it’s my birthday month,  I should throw in a party but Clara don’t want to do the catering. I hope I can make it right with her before the party.

Speaking of parties… this month we have an awesome theme: “The Nightmare before Christmas”


Billy The Time Cat

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