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Love is a battlefield

clara & pink Love is a battlefield. Special when there is a Dalek and a Cybermen involved. Bridezilla and groomzilla. Today Clara and Mister Pink would get married, but it got a bit out of hand.

Clara wanted a white dress, she wanted the perfect soufflé and she wanted it to do all by herself. The dress was never white enough, the soufflé was to dry, to salt, to spicy and was never good . Clara become the real Bridezilla in all the Dalek way. I think she burned a thousand dresses and many more soufflé because they were not what she wanted. Mister Pink underwent it like a real gentlemen until his upgrade couldn’t handle it anymore… so he become the Groomzilla. To make a long story short… the wedding is canceled…. 

Me and mom have a snuggling Valentine’s day together. Amy is seeing her Rupurrt and Silvertje is dreaming about his Cleo. Fientje is still dreaming that her prince on the white horse will show up. ( I’m not going to tell her it is a myth).

Valentine 2017

For everyone a happy Valentine’s day with all who you love.

Billy The Time Cat

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