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Lost in Time

I wanted to go “naughty” with the TARDIS. Why? I wanted to know what I would get for my birthday from my mom and my granny. I wanted to know what the lottery numbers are, so I could win. I wanted to know if Amy, would get a date with that black cat she always talking about. I wanted to mess with time and space, being naughty and breaking the rules from the “Time-Lords”, OMC, it backfired on me in a big way…. I started my time travel  to the future with my birthday, so I jumped out of the TARDIS and I shouted “It’s my birthday, can I open my presents?” So that was the plan… until a big evil dog almost ate me… mom had a dog instead of me. That was really scary, maybe I was in an alternate universe or something.

So I tried Christmas, to find out what I got. So this time I was more careful and put my head around the corner of my TARDIS. I saw none. So I slowly got out and walked further in my house. Everything seemed save and looked like it was. I saw my mom… She started to snees like nothing. Yelling: “Who let that cat in, you know I’m allergic to cats”. Suddenly some small critters of kids came running to me… OMC, did I ran a new universal record on the 25m.

I was really shaken up with the things that happened, so I would try something smaller, lottery numbers… You should think that nothing could go wrong with that… so I got the numbers for next time, swapped the form of my moms numbers and on that evening I sat next to my mom, purring being rich in a few minutes… so the numbers were coming. Instead of black, I got greener and greener… wrong numbers were coming out. Mom was yelling we won the lottery….. yes, her old numbers dropped, not the new ones.

I returned to the point where I started messing with things and I will never again will try to change time and space again. I will obey to the rules of the Time Lord.

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