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July Give Away and some TBT

Belgium Today it is Belgium National Holiday. It was in 1830 that Belgium became independent and that day the First Belgium King signed The Belgium Constitution. I can tell you it was boring, all those papers that were getting signed by everyone. No catniptini and I tried to get a in the constitution that all laws should be paw approved but somehow someone caught that extra “sentence” in the constitution and removed it.

Like I said boring and I hate boring, so lets do something fun today and do a give-away! I was thinking to send the winner fresh baked fries or a real Belgium waffle but mom told me that was a no go. It would be cold and old when it would arrive. I could use THE TARDIS but it say no, because she gets hungry then, a hungry TARDIS is grumpy and grumpy is Wibbley Wobbley stuff when would I arrive then. Mom said, I will give something from the shop.

Now that sounds awesome! Now, to find something for all the cat-friends to like, we decided to give away some fantastic Cat-Paw-Coasters, we give-away 2 sets of 2 coasters, one through our blog and one on Facebook page. If you win these awesome Cat-Paw-Coasters you can chose 2 pink – 2 Purle or one of each, it is up to you!

TCAshop Cat-Paw-Prints

What do you have to do? Just add a comment and share it far and wide! We decide on August First, 2016 who the winner will be! If you want a preview: Purple paw prints and Pink paw Prints

Good luck to everyone!
Purs and Love,
Billy The Time Cat

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13 thoughts on “July Give Away and some TBT

  1. Linda Bogaert

    Mum once sent Belgian choccies to Miami… in… summer!! Was NOT a good idea, so it seemed :)

    Hugs to all of yous from cousin Mika (oh, and Bono says hi too) ♥♥♥

  2. Happy Belgium Day!!
    It is good to celebrate the formation of your country.
    To us cats though, it really means an extra day that mum stays home with us :)
    Have fun !!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. da tabbies o trout towne

    happee holiday two all Billy !! N yur momz new werk total lee rocks…best fishes two everee one { N yea, friez wood bee awesum !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ }

    1. We have a parade in our capital Brussels and that is all. Some people have flags and other stuff out but you cannot compare it to your Fourth of July. Here it is just an extra day at home.

      Billy The Time Cat

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