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It’s Friday The 13Th and I love it!

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-13 om 22.11.05 Yes, it is back: “Friday The 13th”. It is my favorite day! As a black cat ( I have to admit, I have some white spots) it is always fun to run on the streets, special when you have some dirty tricks in your mind that scares people off! Now lets give you some very good tips to scare your humans to death!

Make certain that you have some replacement humans to open your cans when something very bad happens with them after our tricks! We are not responsible for anything that happens!


1. Run under, up around the ladder! Special when your human is on it! This is me ages ago, when camera were not so good! It was fun! I can tell you, unfortunate my mom was not impressed with my trick but maybe someone human will fall for this trick.

2. Running around and start meowing that you see death moussies! That is always awesome to do on Friday The 13th! I did it several times. Amy I must admit is better with that trick, she meows and stares at nothing! OMC, she is awesome at it… it really scares me!

3. Breaking your moms favorite mirror, now that will be some bad luck.
Unfortunate I don’t have any evidence of that. Mom started to run away and I think she ran a complete marathon!
You know that there is a name for people who are afraid of Friday The 13th? It is called: “friggatriskaidekaphobia” OMC, what a name for such a funny day! That is a name invented by The Doctor, I’m certain about that!

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15andMeowing and McGuffysreader are doing their first  Friendly Fill in, lets try it out!

These are the fill ins:

  1. I want to stop _________ and start _________.
  2. I haven’t _________ in _________.
  3. I believe _________.
  4. My earliest memory is _________.

This is my answer on them!

  1. I want to stop washing my butt and start to wash my ears
  2. I haven’t been high on catnip in ages
  3. I believe that my mom is the most awesome mom in the universe
  4. My earliest memory is long ago in an universe far away it was an awesome place. It had two suns and a very big litter box. It went all to the horizon. Sometime a bit to hot but you can’t have it all.

Now, mom and I have to close this post because mom is starting to study again the upcoming week. Time Cat Agency will become an official business (my business) so mom is studying for Business Manager. This is all for my book! Now her brains (or what is left) need a lot of rest, so then can consume the information…

Love and purs,

Billy The Time Cat,

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