It is a….

Knot or bowtie? Today we are at part two of our 4CATS toy review, this time we go for something blue and big and it is not a TARDIS.

Billy:”Nope, it is a bowtie”
Mom: “Billy, it is a knot”
Billy: “It looks like a bowtie”
Mom: “It is a knot filled with catnip”
Billy: “I don’t care, I will use it as a bow tie because bowties are cool!”

When you start a product testing with your mom with such a discussion, then you are stressed out. Stress is no good, fortunate this bow-knot-tie is filled with catnip. From catnip you get first really zen… time is standing still your paws and mind are so slow it is like pure relaxation.Zen

Then you want to kick something … really hard, now this toy is so big that you can use it for kicking with your front and back paws. No need anymore to use your human shoes or other things like the kitchen paper or the TP. Cat parents are your reading this? Saving your TP with this toy!

kicking the bow tie

I still think that it is a bowtie… it is a bow tie

I was not the only one who played with the bow-knot-tie…

Silvertje and knot

Silvertje liked it also, he loved the smell of the nip…

Silvertje and Knot 12

Fientje went complete Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey…. She loved it to the end of the universe!

Fientje knot

At last Amy Pond again, she was lucky this time that she didn’t had to wait until the day after…

Amy Pond

Did 4CATS a very good job on this unique designed knot “Catnip” filled toy? The four of us agree unanimously that it is one of the better toys you can have in your collection:

  • Catnip smells perfect
  • The shape of the toy is awesome: you can put your head on it, you can kick it between your paws.
  • It is an toy to encourage us into play ( I seems that napping is so outdated for cats)
  • The knot (OMC, I wrote it) can handle intense play. It is very well made
  • The design is made that way that no pieces can get loose or break off, so no fear of choking or swallow stuff
  • All of us give it a 5 paws rating.

To start a tiny discussion: “is it a bowtie or a knot?”  Let us know your opinion!

Billy The Time Cat

PS: I let a spoiler escape in my previous review. The toys of 4CATS don’t have a mixture of Valerian or Catnip… but one day in the future they will have it (THAT was the spoiler)

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