International Women’s Day!

International Womens day


Wishing all the women in my life a fantastic “International Women Day”.

Love you all with both of my hearts.


Miss Ukkie, my first sister. She learned me how to be a big brother. I miss you <3

Ukkie my first sister
My second sister “Amy Pond” and my mom. The sister that learned me that crazy is a new standard in my house. Mom, the one and only woman I will truly love.

Mom and Amy

Mom and I, the only one for me… she stole my two hearts but I never told her.

Mom and I

Granny and Silvertje. Catsitter for all of us. She looks after us when mom has to work. And we even learn her tricks.

Silvertje and his mom

Then we have my third sister, Fientje bit silly but sweet, learning me to keep my tail close to me otherwise she paws it!


At last but not least, our future catlady in training. Loves us more then dogs (What is a good thing) within a few years her training will be complete and she will have a cat around every finger.

Future catlady

Billy The Time Cat,
Women rock this world!

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