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How to tell if ….

Daleks reading books Hello Friends, these are The Daleks. Again we took control to warn you. We found an interesting book about cats. It is a must read for every cat owner in the universe. All persons reading this blog are owned by one or more cat, you should all read it. Cats are trying to take over the universe, it started short after the Big bang. Cats seems not to like explosions and loud noises but from this one they were not scared.

The only race in the universe is the humans that can stop them at this moment they still tolerate you because you have tuna and cans with food. From the moment they control their thumbs you are doomed. Yes, you humans. We warned you.

A warned human is worth two, or something like that. Now lets talk about the book. It is called “How To tell If your cat is plotting to kill you”. It is written by the Oatmeal. There are a lot of photos in it. Some useful stuff also..
First thing: Billy loves to knead on mom, I think he still didn’t find her weak spots. Good for mom. Second Excessive shoveling of kitty Litter. Silvertje is an expert at doing that. Staring contest, Amy her eyes, if she starts to stare at you, it is pure horror.
cat kills

Also we found prove that Amy is trying to get mom exhausted, after midnight she gets something like zoomies. She starts to meow, then she start running on bed, around bed and on mom. If you would hear her running around you should think a family of elephants entered our appartement but no one tiny little critter cat is doing all that noise…
Midnight runs

If you not believe us, fine. We saw it in that book, you should get rid of all your cats for your safety. Or you should take a Dalek in the house to protect you. We saved our mom from the evilness that are cats are. We have a lot of Dalek friends that are looking for a home and they will protect you from those evil critters. Please read this amazing book with fair warnings in.

Now, we have to go. Billy suspects something.

Exterminate, Exterminate all cats!
The Foster Fails aka The Daleks.

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