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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello my frDSCN2622iends, it’s me Clara “The Impossible Dalek”. First I want to wish all my American friends a “Happy Thanksgiving”. Second, I’m going to make a soufflé, special for Billy. That silly Time Cat wants to impress the ladies by catching his own turkey for Thanksgiving. Now, this Dalek is smarter and I went shopping… just bought the biggest turkey in the universe. I got so excited that I “Exterminated” it. Now, we will have to do it with the second biggest turkey in the universe.DSCN2611

Shopping is really fun. Now kitties, if you ever can steal your moms “credit card or banque card” you have to do it and go on a shopping spree.

I love to cook, special soufflés, so my shopping spree was about eggs, kitty milk, butter, flower, turkey, patatoes , bacon (love to put some crispy bacons om my soufflé), catnip cheese,  fresh catnip and white catnip wine. Sardines for appetizer.

My shopping basket was full, it was really to heavy for me but The TARDIS was not available for transport. For my own comfort I took a TAXI, Billy’s mom will look strange when she sees her credit card states.
When I arrived home, I opened the bottle of catnip wine, and poured out a glass for me. You always have to taste the wine… you never know it taste badly.


After a glas of wine (or two)  it’s time to cook. First rule: never give onions to cats,”bad gasses” are the result… once I done it never again.

second rule of a Master Chef Dalek:

Never give your recipe to anyone. It is top secret, as a Dalek I have to exterminate you when you would discover my secret recipe for soufflé. I don’t think you want to be the next to be exterminated.
Now, Allons-Y, while I cook and make Billy’s Thanksgiving diner.
Hope he will return soon or my soufflé will be overdone.

Clara, The Impossible Dalek
Clara, Soufflé girl.


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