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Happy Thanksgiving

DSCN2615Hello, It’s me! Clara, The Impossible Sad Dalek. I’m still sitting here with my turkey soufflé waiting for Billy The Time Cat. The soufflé is overdone, I had to throw it away. I hope he has a very good reason not to show up for Thanksgiving diner.

If he, Doctor Meow shows up I have a big surprise for him. I will never make a soufflé for him on Thanksgiving. The only thing he can get is fish, stinky fish from a stinky fish can. He can ask his human to open that stinky fish can. 

Oh and there is something else, I will be a granny! So excited. Mom Dalek, pardon me, I mean mom Dino, eggs hatched. Two of them and she asked me to be their granny! Billy will be their grand dad, she will ask him if he shows up one of these days. Show you a picture of the babies. DSCN3659
I hope they like soufflé! Now, excuse me… going to make some soufflé!

Clara, The Impossible Dalek

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