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Halloween Party oktober 2015 – Part 3

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-29 om 10.59.22 I hope you all have a spooky Halloween weekend. It started good when my mom made pumpkin soup from all the pumpkins you all left in the TARDIS. Thanks everyone, You don’t know how much work I had to get them all out.. It was worse then “The Tribble- invasion” I had. Mom, was happy with them, pumpkin soup until the end of days will be served at my house.
Then we started watching the television. Mom and I always watch The Doctor but first she always watch “Strictly Dancing”. Oh boy, I think I saw Michael Jackson turning in his grave or is he in a fridge? Fortunate, The Doctor saved my life with an awesome episode. With all those awesomeness in my body I will start this party because “This is Halloween”

The First creepy creature I want is known for his wicked appearance, nobody knows exactly what he is. He claims he is a cat but there is doubt about it… crawling out of the deepest and darkest place called Earth, my friend Atchoum
Another regular guest on my party is my friend Moe Grey, now for the big party he is back again with a not so friendly looking spider.IMG_20151009_162525
My friends from one of my favorite blogs are coming also, meet the lovely gang from Mickey’s Musings
First we have “Georgia”, love that name!
Georgia Oct31_edited-2
Julia escaped the house also and with a little help of a bat, she flew straight to the party:
Julie Oct 31_edited-1
Mom, more pumpkins are coming your way after this party, I think we will have soup enough even for the afterlife, fortunate it’s my friend JJ who brings the pumpkin.
JJ-Oct 31_edited-1
Then someone brought more pumpkins and a skeleton, I just don’t hope that it is one of their pet humans. You know that you have to feed your pet humans. Treasury don’t worry we will give your pet human some pumpkin soup!

Szander dekat is our next guest, he is not into social media, as a lonely and fearsome pirate you don’t want to interact with your future victims. image1
We have also visit from Angel Piglet, unfortunate he had to say goodbye to his mom Deborah and he misses her.
His brother is also invited to the party, hopefully he has a good time with his Angel brother. Meet Freak who is freaking out on this photo!
Oh, no an accident happened and someone changed the TARDIS into a pumpkin, what do I have to do now? Can you believe it? I think the cat that is so close to that TARDIS is guilty… always trouble the cats of Miss Ellen ;-). Hopefully after midnight I get my TARDIS back:
You ever tried to get into a pumpkin TARDIS. Yes, it is still bigger on the inside but the door is to small for my but (I don’t you tell me my but looks fat!) You see I checked the camera’s on the TARDIS and I found evidence of the ones who put a spell on my TARDIS!
A Penny for your mind? Bad joke, I know. She is wearing a veal of truth maybe she can get the truth out of those two scoundrels.

Now lets start this Halloween Night…. Lights out, lets party until hell freeze over.
Don’t forget to visit our Mausoleum, with party snacks and drinks.

Purs, Billy The Time Cat

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