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Halloween Party 2015 – Part 2

12141494_10153947111573676_7134432181886257539_n Hello my friends and welcome to our second Halloween party of the year, 2015. Mom decided to put our Halloween decoration out to get the swing into the party. Clara, The Impossible Dalek decided to cook some stuff to try out for this week Halloween party and I must say: “We went berserk”. This resulted in some death Halloween decoration. Mom was not happy, I can tell you that. We decided to serve the “Catnip Pumpkin latté” this evening because it was so freaking awesome!

Our first Halloween Guest is, The One and Only “Clara The Impossible Dalek” bringing some tricky treats with her. We are not responsible for accidents that can happen on this party. If you eat something and you are changing in a mouse… We are NOT responsible! Food and drinks are consumed at own risk…
The lovely lady Julie from Mickey’s Musings is in for the fun. Now friends no dirty tricks or treats to this lovely lady! Oh and I want the first dance with this lovely lady… Paws off fellows!
Miss Ellen from 15andMeowing let some of her kitties come also, always happy to see them, they all well educated mannered cats, until the party starts… then they turn into real party animals. I don’t think Miss Ellen knows that but we won’t tell her, it’s our secret! What happens in The Party, stays in The party, or something like that. First we have “Jinx”:
Noel, comes to this Halloween party… Will this party turns out to be “A Nightmare before Christmas”? Thanks for bringing the pumpkin, you can never have enough Pumpkins on a Halloween party…
Another pumpkin bringer, is Tallulah. Sounds like a name from the darkest hour in the universe. Creepy name lovely cat friend!
Again we have Moe Grey, the Wise cat from over the pound coming to visit us. Bringing a pumpkin with him, I think next week party we will have pumpkins enough!
Amy started to threw up and suddenly all these spiders came out of her mouth. OMC, that was really creepy…. Freaking out on this…
Mom dino, was hearing about the spiders, so she decided that the spiders could play on her. I think that it’s a female thing. What do you think?

I think we have enough guest for this party and we are going to start the fun with a “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Show Get your paws moving and shake your tail!

Next week we do the last “Halloween party”, you are all invited, don’t forget to dress up and mail your photos to the!


Billy The Time Cat

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