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Halloween is coming!

12080047_10207895113043818_3188304243130164348_o Hellow my friends, before we start talking about the coolest event in the year, I mean the second coolest. The first is my birthday, although at my age you sometimes want to skip one or even two birthdays. Mom and I want to apologize for not blogging so much but it was for a good cause, we donated some very cool stuff to our favorite shelter. Mom made Christmas stars, blankets, coasters in the colors of the local football team. Still don’t get anything about that sport, 22 men running around after one bal? How crazy are they? Go to a toy shop and you can buy there balls for everyone. Oh well, as long as they do that they won’t misbehave I suppose. Now it was a lot of work, specially after she had to redo the Buffalo Indian because she ironed it a bit to much, what leaded to melted beads, what almost leaded in my moms yeas to a distaster of Category 7, human stopped walking this planet.I looked and approved! I hold her paw when she started to make a new one, I gave her in time a coffee and a pur to help her finish the package. I’m a good boss! Motivating the staff like that, the shelter kitties will be happy with the money it raised.

Now we can focus again on the month October, Halloween. As a black cat I’m obligated to celebrate Halloween. Amy is also celebrating Halloween, she found the bag with tiny spiders and is spreading the spiders around the house. Granny doesn’t find it funny but it is our way to be creative. Next step is getting those boxes out with Halloween decoration, playing around with the Halloween stuff is funny.
Amy is planning with her friend Cthulhu what they will do for dressing up. I will keep my black fur but they are certainly up to something. They are both twisted evil (Don’t tell Amy I told you that!)

More plans for this Halloween month:

  • Halloween parties, get your self into a Halloween mode and don’t forget to mail your photo’s to
  • We have a big TARDIS adventure coming up, we going to invite some friends to join us! Check out the upcoming week about the how, what, when!
  • Our Halloween Give Away, participate by commenting on our blog, take part in our parties,.. we will select our winners October 15th and you can win some cool Halloween coaster from Our shop!

We have one cat in our house who is still in doubt and need some time to think about what he find the best time of the year: “Halloween” Or “Christmas”. Not tell us what you like so you can help him with the choice:

Halloween Or Christmas?

Halloween Or Christmas?

The don’t forget list…

Don’t forget a lot of fun coming up this weeks, be part of it!
Don’t forget that it is World Anima Day today, demand extra treats, food, more laptime, new toys,…
Do’n’t forget to visti 15andmeowing for a cool give away tomorrow!
Don’t forget to do all the things mentioned above!

Billy The Time Cat!

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