Friday Fun

Friday’s are fun!


Friday’s are fun, mom is happy because it is weekend. We are happy because this weekend mom doesn’t have work. Today was a special day for me. I visited my grannies appartement. Mom wanted to study in silence, so she took me upstairs. I don’t like elevators that is for sure. There is always something strange going on behind the elevator walls. I was happy that I was out of it (even if it was only for two floors) but I forgot I had to return. I enjoyed the time at my grannies place. Mom gave me some treats from Silvertje.

Mom and I were upset with Silvertje today. He played a bit to rough with me. He hurt my paw and it started to bleed very badly. Mom and Granny are good nurses, they stopped the bleeding and gave me a lot of kisses. Mom put something on it so it would not infect.

Fientje discovered that there are scratching poles in the house, after my mom put her firmly on one (she always occupies mom chair at her desk). Now we have another cat to share our throne with. This Game Of Throne is getting complicated, with 4 cats wanting to spend time on it…

Amy is crazy, she has been running around, making crazy noises. She loves to visit her granny, and she sleeps there some nights. Here is one when she was with our granny:
Amy at Granny

What I also did was think about the Friday’s Fill in from 15andMeowing and Mcguffy Reader

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-13 om 22.35.18

Here are this week’s statements:

  1. Everyone should read _________________________
  2. My first ________________________ was a _____________________
  3. My favourite time of the day is ____________________, because___________________
  4. I think dreams ______________________________.


My answers to these statements are , drum rolls, … can’t wait to show them to you…

  1. Everyone should read my blog, it has answers to a lot of questions. It has adventures, history, science,…  It’s about the future, the past and the present! It’s a time travel journey.
  2. My first bow tie was a cool one! Don’t tell my mom I told her I didn’t liked it but I got so many compliments about from lady felines that I fast changed my mind.
  3. My favorite time of the day is night, because I can jump in bed with my mom. I snore so hard she can’t sleep. When she can’t sleep she start rub my tummy (No, she won’t throw me out of the bedroom).
  4. I think dreams are better when you had some catnip. Catnip dreams are awesome! Dreaming about yellow, blue and green moussies! Now where did my mom put the Catnip supply? Oh, boy! Live is good when you are on the nip!


Thank you all for reading,
Billy The Catnip Time cat

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