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Friday, Time To have some fun!

DSCN3560 Friday, weekend and for us a great surprise… Mom told her she doesn’t have to work for the upcoming 9 days! Nine days we have our mom for ourselves (almost). It is also the start of some big festivities in our town. “Gentse Feesten” 10 days of music, food, drink, parties, street theater and much more… Mom used to work those these but it is a lot of stress and now she stays home. She also promised me (again) that she would work on our blog and photo blog. Now, lets start with the fun of this week…We missed two of the friendly Fill- Ins that are hosted by two lovely ladies. This week is the tenth fill in and we certainly didn’t want to miss that one:
Friendly Fill-Ins
Week 10, July 18, 2016:
1. I prefer ________________ to ________________.
2. ____________________ was much harder than I expected.
3. One way that I relax is_____________________ .
4. ___________ always makes me _____________

Now what can I make of these?

1. I prefer my black fur to white fur, one day when I regenerate I hope to be ginger.
2. Telling my mom I’m a time Traveler, was much harder than I expected. I think after I told her she drank a whole bottle of water and she give me the wine in my water bowl
3. One way that I relax is taking naps, a lot of naps and add a little bit catnip and I’m in relaxation heaven. .
4.Silcence always makes me feel like I forgot something. I know I should remember, I know I forgot, just don’t know what… very strange.

Thanks again Miss Ellen from 15andMeowing and Annie from McGuffysreader
This is an example of how my Time Travel companion is taking a nap:
Silvertje napping

We love the idea of a happiness tag, special on a sad day like today with the attack in France.

To accept The Happiness Tag, I must:

  1. List 5 Things that Make Me Happy:
    1. My mom is making me happy, she love me, I love her and we are best friends forever
    2. My TARDIS, my hope, my future, my past, my present time. All adventures in the universe, we had together
    3. Catnip stuff
    4. My sleeping spot next to my mom in her bed, the best place in the universe to sleep.
    5. Clara Oswald, the Impossible Dalek. The one and only Dalek in the universe I had fun with! Love that girl!
  2. List 5 Songs that Make Me Happy:
    1. My personal song made by a great friend (Brendon)
    2. This is Gallifrey that reminds me of my place of birth.
    3. This year Eurovision songfestival special
    4. Misty Mountains gold, we love “The Hobbit”, mom read it several time
    5. The last one is difficult because we are in love here with all kind of Scifi series, so here are some of the best scifi intro’s and for the record mom has them all on DVD

List 5 Bloggers who Make Me Happy and Notify those Bloggers, friends feel free to go with the flow and if you don’t have a blog… just add your answers in a comment!


Love, Love, Peace, Peace to everyone!

Billy The Time Cat

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