Friday Fun

Friday night, the feeling is right!

Amy all wrapped up! Mom got a big sheet of plastic and she put it on the floor to throw it away. Amy, Fientje, Silvertje and I decided that we had other plans with it:

“A new toy”

We had a lot of fun with it. Mom put some toys under it and we played with it all day. At night mom let it out, what was not a good plan, so she got out of bed to hide the plastic because we were making to much noise (at least we had fun)

Billy with plastic fun

More fun with the plastic sheet: “Amy really got wrapped up in the sheet.

Amy having more fun

Now we are all waiting when mom got the sheet out again, so we can have more fun.

Friendly Fill-InsToday it is Friday, so we are taking part again in the Friendly Fill-ins from McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing.

1. I wish ___________________________ would come back in style.

2. I always have _____________________ in my purse ( or wallet for men).

3. I think that I                            .

4.                                     is a pet peeve of mine.
My answers to these awesome fill-ins are:

1. I wish bow ties  would come back in style, because bow ties are cool. Everyone should wear one. Humans, dogs, parrots, fish… the world would be more stylish with bow ties.

2. I always have my psychic paper in my wallet. It open doors whenever you need doors to be opened.

3. I think that I forgot something. I don’t know what but I forgot something and I just can’t think what it is. I just hope it is nothing important like a birthday.

4.Being a gentle cat  is a pet peeve of mine. I always try to be nice to the ladies. It is true I’m a true gentle cat.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Love you with my both hearts.

Billy The Time Cat

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