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Friday, let it snow!

My not so happy face Today it was remarkable colder then yesterday, the sky was really grey and in the afternoon we had our first snow of this season. Fortunate it didn’t stay. Unfortunate mom was shopping and she doesn’t have a car, so walked and used the public transport to to her errands. Yes, she called me to ask me if I could pick her up with the TARDIS, but the rule is… no humans on the TARDIS.

Amy is not happy because she discovered that mom put her on the naughty list… she is attacking and misbehaving.  What upsets her more is that I’m trying to kill the sofa (yes, the sofa is alive) and mom doesn’t put me on the naughty list. She thinks it is unfair (I think, mom loves me more then Amy, just don’t tell her)

 It is almost Thanksgiving, we don’t celebrate that in Belgium. Last year Clara made me soufflé, but now she has her boyfriend Mister Pink.  It is also a possibility that I wasn’t there in time and she had to throw it away.

soufflé girl

Fortunate I have my blogging friends who understand me, two of them are organizing those amazing friendly fill-ins. Thank you 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader
1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have is __________________________
2. Black Friday _______________________.
3. The best part about Thanksgiving Day is__________________ .
4. One Thanksgiving,_____________ .

Friendly Fill-Ins1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have is visiting friends in the USA. I always get a part of the turkey. Then we travel around in the TARDIS and visit more friends, eat more turkey, drink catniptini
2. Black Friday is a day to avoid shopping malls in the USA. One of my friends told me you could great deals I ended up in a catfight for a catnip toy… never again! Better shop online (mom will do a black friday thingy on her shop, we will tell you about it Sunday)
3. The best part about Thanksgiving Day is that I can eat turkey everywhere… The USA is like an all you can eat turkey buffet restaurant
4. One Thanksgiving is not enough, I think you should have more of them. I could eat every ay turkey.
Christmas crafty .Today it is also the day of our give-away! We gave little hints the past days. You can find them on following places:

  1. Caturday is here
  2. Crafty Sunday
  3. Naughty
  4. Not to close for comfort

Today tip is if you sum up all digits then you total is 12.

Let your numbers come! You have time until Sunday to give your number, the person who is closest to the correct answer will win. If there is more then one.. then we will draw one winner.

Good luck to everyone!



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