Foster Fail Facts


A few weeks ago, my mom went to a convention, called “FACTS”. I was thinking that stands for “Foster A Cat To Safety”. When she came home she had a lot with her but no cats. The worst thing she brought with her was a Dalek mom and her siblings! Now you know Daleks and me are like fire and water: ” we don’t match”. I know their plans to exterminate us and humanity. They know I would do anything to stop them. Mom told me she would foster them and then put them up for adoption. Yes, it was a  foster event but not my kind of scum to foster.Now I’m not the one who’s going to argue with mom but this time I could not hold the tongue in my mouth. After a discussion with to many words, she promised me that she would keep them in the box they came in.  Going a few days forward in time I found out that they were not in the box. I didn’t see them, I was happy they got adopted.  So I took a nap. Suddenly I woke up I had a crazy, bad dream where I was surrounded by “Daleks”. I opened my eyes and there they were around me, shouting at me “Catsterminate” .OMC, they are crazy, dangerous and I send out a call for help on facepoop. Fortunate the call was answered by my TARDIS and it picked up Inky,  Mr. Mooch, Morton and Wilby The Spacecat to help me with the sneaky “Daleks”. I told my mom and you won’t believe it my mom didn’t believe me! Can you believe that?

Photo3046Wow, I don’t know what’s going on in my moms mind. She thinks they are innocent droids. I think they learned some Jedi-mind tricks or something but they have control of my mom.  They started to stalk me anywhere, everywhere, OMC they drive me crazy.  This evening I found it time to ask my mom the question: “When will they get adopted?” I had a bad feeling about it, I knew the answer would not be the answer I wanted. Life got worse when I got the answer: ” They stay!” Oh no, this will be the worst foster fail in the universe, in time and space one I have to deal with. Now I have my enemies in the house! Insanity is taking over my mind! They cannot stay! They have to go! What to do my friends? Maybe I should put them up for adoption behind my moms back. What do you think about it? Who doesn’t want a potty trained, spayed Dalek?

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