Finding Amy – Part 2

Photo2381The away-teams were out for a search and rescue mission in different universes and planets. I was pawing that they would find leads to Amy. The rabbits didn’t hear anything on this planet. They were kind of disappointed in themselves because they couldn’t help.

The dogs only smelled cats, but no Amy. They are still sniffing around on this planet, as they stop with every tree. I don’t think I should wait on them again.

The “Hobbit Cats” got on the wrong quest, the last thing I heard from them was something of “The One Ring” , that they have to bring it to Mount Doom or something. Last time I checked Amy is not a ring.  I heard something about a second breakfast that was so cool.  I hope Amy is not there, maybe I should send Gandalf to keep them out of trouble.

The toasters were toasted by the lady cats under the lead of Wilby, the laser beams eyes of this lady did their work perfectly and Amy is not with them.  Wilby and her away team are now searching further and helping other away teams.

With the pawsome help, the help of many friends at the Star fleet Academy and the many beam me ups its became certain that Amy was not in the Star Trek Universe

Mr. Mooch and his away team didn’t find anything although, rumors had that one of the many cats is still trying to phone home (Later more on that funny story).

The famous Rupurrt didn’t had any luck either. The Force Was not with him and his away team, they returned empty handed to Earth.

The last team had the most luck Morton used his politic and the female charms he had on board. They found a lead of Amy on the a place called “New Earth”. We are getting close, we have a location, now we have to rescue her!

PS: HRH with the Tardis was spotted somewhere in the UK doing her Polka stuff “Sig”

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